July 10, 2013


Animation of Anne Frank, the graphic biography

in hiding
social unrest
rising of a political party
discrimination against
the Neatherlands
switch schools
labour camp
never ending disagreements
to be betrayed

Watch the video and answer the questions below:
1) Where was Anne Frank born?
2) What was her family like?
3) What were the results of the economic crisis in Germany in the 1930´s?
4) Why did Anne´s parents decide to leave Germany? Where did they go?
5) What happened in May 1940?
6) Why did Anne and Margo have to switch schools in the Neatherlands?
7) The Frank Family received a letter in 1942? What did the letter say? What did the parents decide to do as a result?
8) Who helped them? Were the Frank Family alone in the annex?
9) What did Anne write about in her diary?
10) What happened between Anne and Peter during the second year in the annex?
11) What happened on the 4th August? Why?

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