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For teachers: strategies for reducing teacher talking time

Teaching tips from Macmillan on how to reduce teacher talking time.

September 29, 2014

Symbaloo: Online resources for EFL learners

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May 21, 2014

Symbaloo: Online Resources for Kids



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May 21, 2014

Symbaloo: Web 2.0 resources for teachers and students

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Lots of sights for content creation students and teachers can use inside and outside the class.

May 21, 2014

Cecilia Cicolini, en la Conferencia de FAAPI

La Directora de Network, Cecilia Cicolini, en la Conferencia Anual de la Federación Argentina de Asociaciones de Profesores de Inglés 2012 en San Martín de los Andes, donde estuvo a cargo de un taller de entrenamiento para docentes sobre nuevas tecnologías.

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September 25, 2012

How Video Games are Changing Education

How Video Games Are Changing Education

Browse more infographics.

August 1, 2012

Free Workshop for Teachers of English! English for the Olympic Games

April 7, 2012

Pecha Kucha: Concise and engaging presentations

Learn more about how to deliver a concise, engaging presentation in this link.

February 8, 2012

The Learning Pyramid!

Así aprendemos!

December 1, 2011

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