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Happy Friday, full of Useful Adverbs! Learn happily :)

Adverbs can help you increase your language range!




September 14, 2012

How to write a Resume

August 28, 2012

Prezi: Do you Facebook?

Prezi by Nicky Hocklit

August 10, 2012

London in the Future: Digital Literacies: Speaking Activity to be used in class


Let´s discuss!

June 29, 2012

Play ACADEMY ISLAND! A game for students of English!


June 13, 2012

Let´s talk about facts and figures! The Queen´s Jubilee

More info here

May 31, 2012

Words: the building blocks of language!

April 13, 2012

Let´s Learn English Blog

This used to be NETWORK blog for students. We are no longer updating it because NETWORK has only this blog now with all the information about the institute. However, please visit the old blog as it has a wealth of material for students at all levels.

Este era el Blog de Network para alumnos. No estamos actualizándolo porque NETWORK ahora tiene solamente este blog, que integra noticias con actividades. Sin embargo, el viejo blog contiene mucho material muy interesante para los alumnos, por lo que los invitamos a visitarlo para encontrar actividades para todos los niveles.



December 1, 2011

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