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May 21, 2014

Horror Story at the Immersion 2013

Watch our students as film stars during the Immersion in Necochea in September 2013.

September 23, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving by Hanna Barbera

November 23, 2012

V is for Vendetta: Viewing Comprehension

  1. Who is the character that gives the speech? Where is the speech being televised? What is celebrated on November 5th?
  2. What comforts does Guy enjoy like ¨any other bloke”?
  3. What kind of government seems to rule? How do you know?
  4. What is “terribly wrong” in the country according to Guy? Who´s to blame?
  5. What had the High Chancellor promised? What did he require in exchange for that?
  6. Why did Guy blow up the Old Bailey (a criminal court of justice)?
  7. What is the plan for the next 5th November?

Good evening, London. Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine- the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke.

But in the spirit of commemoration, thereby those important events of the past usually associated with someone´s death or the end of some awful bloody struggle, a celebration of a nice holiday, I thought we could mark this November the 5th, a day that is sadly no longer remembered, by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat.

There are of course those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn´t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.

How did this happen?

Who´s to blame?

Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you´re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn´t be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now high chancellor, Adam Sutler.

He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.

Last night I sought to end that silence. Last night I destroyed the Old Bailey, to remind this country of what it has forgotten. More than four hundred years ago a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives.

So if yo´ve seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you then I would suggest you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the gates of Parliament, and together we shall give them a fifth of November that shall never, ever be forgot.

November 12, 2012

Buenos Aires in the 50’s

September 18, 2012

Coursera: Is college education changing?

Visit Coursera in this link.

August 17, 2012

Movies: The Pursuit of Happiness: Want something? Go and get it! Period!

In the following scene from The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a struggling salesman who has chosen to take an unpaid internship at a prestigious investment bank to make a better future for himself and his son. However, without a salary, he is failing to make ends meet. It is Saturday, and he’s taking his son to play basketball before work. Discuss the role that emotions play during their interaction.

August 7, 2012

Movies: Erin’s Bonus Cheque

bonus check
after careful consideration

appropriate / inappropriate figures

to award somebody according to their jobs

to screw somebody

to value


beauty queens

You suck!



  1. What is the relationship between the two characters?
  2. What does the man announce? How?
  3. What is her reaction? How does her moode change?


  1. What can you say about the man’s communication strategy?
  2. What is your view of this situation?
  3. How could this conversation  turn this situation into a great moment to be shared among them? Roleplay it!

August 7, 2012

A Poet called Benjamin Zephaniah

You can read the poem Turkeys in this link

Class activities here.

July 4, 2012

Space: The Next Frontier

Source: BlendedMEC

Space: the next tourist frontier
Richard Branson’s space travel company, Virgin Galactic, has recently been undergoing stringent testing of its motherships and space jets in order to reach their target of manning commercial space flights by the end of 2013. Almost 500 people have so far paid $200,000 each to experience gravity-less flight and views of the earth never before seen. It’s an awe-inspiring idea, but also makes me feel like in just 20 years time we’ll be living in white floating pods, eating freeze-dried food capsules for dinner, and paying for things with our minds…

Obviously the idea of paying $200,000 for an hour’s journey is out of the question for us non-celebrities. But what it does get us thinking about is this: in a hundred years or so, will it become similar to normal flights around the world which have slowly been taken over by budget airlines, where if you book in advance and don’t need to check-in any bags then you can fly 600 miles for £30? Space ‘tourism’ is a far way off yet, but this first step of commercial space travel could be, to use a shameful space cliché, a giant leap into something we’ve only ever seen in The Jetsons. A weird and quite scary thought indeed:

There are plenty of space-themed activities out there to give your lessons an intergalactic spin, no matter what level they’re for. With the Macmillan English Campus, simply enter “space” into the Word and Phrase Search for a variety of different activities. A sample essay, The history of NASA (MSEE006488), or a web project, The sky is the limit! (MWP006201), would both be perfect for your more advanced students, while a simple listening activity, Is there life on other planets (MLA001481) would be great for lower-level classes. Onestopenglish also has some excellent space-related lesson plans: Lindsay Clandfield has prepared some really interesting speaking activities including some discussion questions in Exploring space, while there’s also a space-themed news lesson graded at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels: simply search Life aboard the International Space Station.

June 29, 2012

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